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All holiday decorations should be removed by January 15th.


By January 20th, all temporary basketball hoops need to be stored away during the winter months. We are expected to get snow this weekend.

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2019 Parkway Trees Update - 50/50 program

Hi Neighbors:

The HOA Board asked me to post the following on this page in reference to the letter recently distributed regarding the spring clean-up.  This is a clarification that the 50/50 program was transitioned to a replacement program.

As described in the communication, the Ginger Woods DRG’s state – There must be at least one parkway tree per 30 feet of lot frontage.  Corner lots shall have at least two parkway trees on each street frontage.  The Rules also state that mulch is required to be around all parkway trees.

As described in the communication, there are two approaches to obtain replacement trees:

  • Option 1:  Contact the city and request to be added to the list
    • The 50/50 program referenced in the letter was transitioned to a replacement program;  The replacement program provides replacement trees but residents are no longer able to select the tree species
    • In the event that a resident chooses to opt into the City program and the City is unable to install replacement trees by Fall, simply send the case # to kelly.henry@realmanage.com and she will note it in the file for the home

As mentioned in the newsletter, one of the HOA’s primary objectives is to ensure that our neighborhood is well maintained and recognized as a premium place to live – not only does this help each of our quality of life, but it also helps support real estate values.

Reminder – the next HOA meeting is April 29 at 7:00 pm at Mike and Denise’s restaurant.

New 2019 Proposed Budget

The Proposed 2019 budget can be found here


Noise Ordinance

“Hello Neighbors… Please be considerate, when driving vehicles/motor cycles with loud exhaust systems around the neighborhood.”image001

Information about Parkway Trees and the Emerald Ash Borer

New Post September 20, 2015

I just talked with the head of the Street Dept. and he indicated to me that he will have Ginger Woods completed by the end of September. They have a few more trees to get down in Savannah as well but due to road overlay that is holding up completion.

Tina Bohman
First Ward Alderman

(Originally from November 19, 2012)

Gingerwoods BOD,

I hope with the following information I can clear-up many of the questions regarding the removal of the Ash trees, particularly in Gingerwoods .

The email below is from our City Arborist, Bill Pauley. His memo will explain most of what has happened in the last few days.

I understand from Bill that there are 21 trees in Gingerwoods marked for removal with a red dot. Bill believes that there are really only about 3-6 trees that should have been truly marked for removal but due to the communication confusion 21 were marked.

Bill has agreed to personally visit the 21 trees in Gingerwoods and remove (paint over) the red dots on the trees that, while still infested, may survive in good condition for at least another year or more. He will leave a red dot on those he still feels needs to be removed. (The email from Bill below states that the homeowner needs to call to have the tree off the removal list, however, for Gingerwoods, Bill will be out today or tomorrow to check all 21 trees – If you would still like to call for assurance, please don’t hesitate to do so).

If your tree is removed, the stump will be removed at a later date this year. Replacement of the tree has not been determined but continues to be discussed and given budgetary consideration Citywide.

If there are more questions concerning this issue, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Abby Schuler
Alderman Ward 1
City of Aurora


The City of Aurora on Monday began a Proactive Sweep of Subdivisions in the North East side of town. A qualified and well trained employee of the City created a list of trees by address and Marked them for removal. The Criteria for the level of Dieback and Decline was misunderstood resulting in infested trees that still appear to be in good condition being marked. All addresses with marked trees will be receiving letters in the mail about this operation. Trees that were marked have been identified as infested by bark splits, with visible galleries, woodpecker damage, and basal sprouting. If you have an x on your tree and do not want it removed at this time, Call my office number listed below , leaving your name, address and phone number and I will remove your tree from the removal list. This operation is on hold for at least 2 weeks, giving everyone who may have received a letter time to respond. Trees that are showing Crown thinning at the top with smaller leaves or complete dieback at the top (like the ones at the West Entrance to the Savanna Subdivision off Butterfield Rd) Are the trees that should have been targeted for removals. With Ash trees being the first to lose leaves we are attempting to identify trees while the canopy is still intact. Our intent is to only remove the trees with obvious decline and leave the trees that appear to be healthy for you to enjoy for another fall and summer season. Attached you will find a copy of the letter that has been mailed. I apologize for the confusion and take full responsibility miscommunication.

William A. Pauley
City of Aurora St. Dept.
Forestry Supervisor
New Office Number 630-256-3684
Customer Service 630-256-4636

Ginger Woods Residents Helps Needy Family during the Holidays

45104_523289507695482_401735164_nGinger Woods, you rock! See in this picture all the wonderful gifts we collected for the family we adopted at the United Way. What you don’t see are the numerous gift cards that were donated and the entire SUV of food that Julie Locke delivered to the Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry yesterday. With just a small effort we were able to make a big impact on a deserving family’s Christmas. I’m so proud to be your neighbor. Thank you for your generosity and Merry Christmas to all!

New Website

Say Hi To Our New Website!

The Ginger Woods Homeowners Association is happy to announce our new and improved website – www.ginger-woods.org.  You will find all the information you need: Board Meeting Minutes, Important Documents and Forms, Local Schools, City of Aurora and More.

Some new features include: 

  • Calendar of Events – Everything from Board Meetings, and Neighborhood events like HungerPalloza, Trick or Treating information, Dumpster Deliveries and much more.
  • Better Document Management – Now Meeting Minutes, Forms & Regulations, and Our Newspaper Ginger Woods Gazette are on separate pages making them easier to find and download.
  • News and Important Information – Can now be updated faster and posted on the home page for higher visibility.
  • Service Directory – This is a special advertising section, where local businesses that serve homeowners can post their contact information.  This includes, trades (plumbers, HVAC, etc), healthcare, realtors, food service, landscaping, and more.

The Service Directory is available to promote your business.  Initially, we are limiting three listings per category (3 realtors, 3 plumbers, 3 landscapers, etc). It’s on a first come first serve basis and is sold in 3 month blocks.  Other advertising will be sold 1 month at a time.

The cost to advertise is $10 per month per listing, $50 per month per banner ad (artwork additional), and $100 per month for exclusive Homepage banner ad. Good News for Ginger Woods Homeowners – All service directory prices are 1/2 price for you (only $5 a month).  Banner ads are not discounted.

Be sure to also visit the official Ginger Woods Group on Facebook and join in the conversations – https://www.facebook.com/groups/218438231530884/ or search Facebook for our Ginger Woods Group.

For Event Listings and other GWHOA news – Contact  Wendy Coyle wendynoz@hotmail.com.  For Advertising or Website corrections or suggestions – Contact Brian Basilico bbasilico@me.com.

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